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150 Word Histories of CIPH Members
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CIPH, like Canada, has a long and proud history, and so do our members! Read below for the 150 word histories of some of our member companies. 


 Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.


Now Western Canada’s premier plumbing, heating, and electrical distributor, Bartle & Gibson was founded by two Canadian businessmen who wanted to focus on relationships with customers and suppliers. In 1944 Charlie Bartle of Victoria, BC, and Cecil Gibson of Vancouver, BC, each started a store in their respective city.
1951 marked the company’s first expansion, with a branch opening in Edmonton, Alberta. Over the next 20 years our founders would see their business expand to cover most of Western Canada, including Calgary, Yellowknife, and Surrey. A service expansion in 1983 added electrical products to the distribution portfolio.
Today Bartle & Gibson consists of 30 branches. Our continued growth is due in no small part to our dedication to provide exceptional service to all our clients, suppliers, and employees. Proudly joining CIPH in 1996, we continue to be the privately owned, 100% Canadian organization that our customers have come to trust.



 Boshart Industries 


Mel Boshart Plumbing started out of his home in 1955. Mel’s philosophy of giving the customer the best service possible, help grow the company. In 1977 Gary, Mel’s son joined and became an important part of the growth and direction of the company. In 1992 Mel Boshart and Sons Ltd. became Boshart Industries Inc.
Each member of the Boshart Industries Team is an integral part in the continuing success of the company and we continually strive to exceed the customer’s expectation, in 1992 our CIPH manufacturer membership was included in that vision.
In 2005 Mel Boshart was the recipient of the CIPH 50 year Service Award, and in 2012 Gary Boshart, the president was the recipient of the Life Time Service Award.
After 60 plus years in the business, we look to the future with confidence that our experience will give us an advantage in meeting the ever changing demands.



Canplas Industries Ltd.


Although not quite as old as Canada, Canplas began operations in 1966, based out of New Westminster, B.C., with 12 employees and two injection-molding machines. Now, 50 years later, we’ve moved 4,275 km east to Barrie, Ontario.  We have 225 dedicated employees, over 50 product patents, and unshakeable foundations in four diverse industries: plumbing, grease management, ventilation and central vacuum. 

The growth we’ve experienced would not have been possible without devoted employees, diligent suppliers, and customers that demand quality. They are why we continue to strive to improve the development, manufacturing, and distribution of our entire product portfolio. 
For more than 35 of our 50 years in business we have been involved in CIPH. Numerous Canplas employees have volunteered their time over the years to serve on CIPH region boards and committees with five Canplas employees becoming regional Presidents. Canplas is proud to be a longstanding member of CIPH and we look forward to the future opportunities and events that our membership brings us. 





Both LynCar and Waterline started life as sales agencies.  Waterline was founded in 1953 by Larry Furlong, who was joined by sons Michael and Peter in the 1970s.  LynCar began in 1967 and was acquired by Clive Davies in 1985.  By the early 2000s, both companies had evolved into national manufacturer-distributors, with most sales coming from proprietary house-branded plumbing products.  As well, Waterline had developed a significant presence at national home-improvement retailers while LynCar was a large player in the fire sprinkler industry.  LynCar was acquired by Hart and Jay Heller and the Hellers and Furlongs merged the two companies together in 2014. Today, Waterline and LynCar operate as one integrated business serving wholesale and retail plumbing and fire protection markets across Canada. They also continue to actively participate in CIPH – LynCar’s membership dates to 1992, and Waterline’s to 1956, with Larry Furlong having served as CIPH Chairman in 1980/81.



 Groupe Deschênes


I first heard about CIPH from my parents attending the ABC, then at the Signory Club in the early 50's. After I joined the company in 1954, the Sales Development Council was created by CIPH and I contributed actively. We had tremendous success in the Montreal area. Then CIPH created the Regional Chapter. Paul Daly of American Standard was the first chairman, a great guy, I was vice-chairman and we both made the promotion of CIPH. I sat on the CIPH board for many years, being one of the very few French speaking members. Then I became chairman. I am convinced CIPH did very well for our industry and our country. I had the opportunity to meet great people and I have plenty of good memories. My contribution was not perfect, nor did it please everyone, but generally speaking, I am proud of what I did for CIPH, our industry and our community. Long life to CIPH!



J.H. Houle

French Version
J.U. Houle est une entreprise familiale fondée en 1930. En 1957, elle ajoute quelques cordes à son arc pour être au service de la distribution de produits de plomberie, de chauffage et de produits municipaux. Nous fêtons donc, cette année, le 60e anniversaire de l’entreprise de distribution.  Depuis le début, son désir est d’innover et de rester près de son industrie, connectée avec ses partenaires d’affaires. Son implication au niveau de l’ICPC dure depuis 1966. Pendant toutes ces années, ses dirigeants ont été très actifs au sein de l’association : Jean Houle a fait partie du bureau de direction du Québec  de 1986 à 1996 ainsi que Pierre Houle, de 1996 à aujourd’hui, il a aussi été président au Québec de 2006 à 2008 et responsable des Célébrations du 75e de l’ICPC en 2008 qui ont eu lieu à Montréal, endroit même de sa fondation en 1933. Toujours impliqué, M. Pierre Houle est, depuis 5 ans, agent de liaison du Québec sur le comité national. L’année 2017 verra l’arrivée de la quatrième génération en la personne de Laurent Houle. 

English Version
J.U. Houle is a family business founded in 1930.  In 1957, it added a few feathers to its cap and became a plumbing, heating, and waterworks distributor. So, this year we will be celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary as a distributor. Since the beginning, J.U. Houle’s desire has been to innovate, but also to remain close to  its industry and connected with its business partners. It has had a lasting involvment with the ICPC since 1966. Throughout those years, its leaders have been very active within the association. Jean Houle had been a member of the Board of Directors of the province of Québec from 1986 to 1996 and Pierre Houle has been a member since 1996. Pierre was also president in the province of Québec between 2006 and 2008 and was in charge of the ICPC’s 75th anniversary celebration in 2008, which was held in Montreal, the very location of its foundation in 1933. Still involved to this day, Mr. Pierre Houle has been the Quebec comitee liaison officer for the last five years. In 2017, we will introduce the fourth generation to the company with the arrival of Laurent Houle.



Reliance Worldwide Corporation


Reliance Worldwide Corporation® (RWC) is a global provider of water control systems and plumbing solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Founded in 1949, RWC specialized in the design and manufacture of valves for the control of pressure, temperature and flow used in the installation of water heating systems. RWC Canada opened in 2011 in Vaughan, Ontario providing support and continued growth to an established North American market.

Founded in 1912, the Cash Acme manufacturing joined the RWC in 2002. Cash Acme is the largest T&P and Thermostatic valve manufacturer in the world, specializing in pressure, thermostatic and temperature control valves.

In 2005, the SharkBite Connection System was introduced to the Canadian plumbing industry. From residential service & repair to commercial new construction, providing quick and easy applications saving installers time while providing a trusted solution.

We joined CIPH in 2002 and have since been a proud member and supporter of all the efforts and positive impact the association has had on the industry.



Mario Bélisle, a plumber founded a distribution company called Sélection 25 in 1995.
In 1999 the company’s focus gradually shifted from distribution to the design and creation of faucets and shower systems and in 2002, the company renamed itself Riobel, a contraction of the founder’s name, MaRIO BELisle.

Over the next few years Riobel continued expanding outside of Quebec by making inroads into the Atlantic provinces and Western Canada.

In 2009, Riobel set its sights on the American market. 2011 marked the launch of the Riobel PRO product line for PROfessionals and their PROjects and in 2014, Riobel Academy, Canada’s first institution dedicated to training in the science of faucets, was inaugurated. 

In 2016, Fortune Brands Home and Security acquired Riobel and helped further develop the US markets. 

In 2017, Riobel decided to become a more active member in the plumbing industry and joined the CIPH.

What Riobel is today is the result of one man’s passion which was passed on so that the next generation could continue his quest for quality, pursuit of excellence and desire to keep innovating where product design and functionality are concerned.

Riobel: Flow, form and function!



Valley Acrylic


Valley Acrylic is a 100% female-owned company founded in 2007; becoming an integral part of our local community of Mission, and active supporters of many community & charity events which have helped us form strong business relationships with our customers, and many local BC showrooms.  

Valley Acrylic employs local designers and manufacturers; using locally sourced materials to create high quality Canadian designer bath products that reflect the luxury and ability of local manufacturing. We also maintain a student exchange program which brings people from many ethnic and professional backgrounds together for real work experiences, and maintain in-house R&D, & recycling programs which work towards 100% green-manufacturing.
Since joining CIPH three years ago, we have gone on to represent Canada on the international stage; displaying Canadian designed bath products at trade and award shows across Canada and the United States winning awards such as the Red Dot and BOY awards.





Patented in 1919, Victaulic is the originator and world's leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions. The concept of the “victory joint”, joining pipe with bolted mechanical grooved couplings, originated during World War I for rapid deployment of fuel and water lines to Allied forces. Shortly thereafter, Victaulic shifted its focus to commercial piping applications to market its new innovative method of joining pipe. 

To this day, Victaulic continues to develop innovative piping technologies and services to serve the needs of contractors, engineers and building owners globally. The grooved system for steam and upcoming CPVC solutions are recent examples of industry firsts that continue to put people to work faster while increasing safety, ensuring reliability and maximizing efficiency.
In 1975, Victaulic became a member of CIPH and is proud to be an active participant, engaging in the many association activities and as a member voice within the industry.



 Weil-McLain Canada

Founded in 1881 in Chicago by Isadora and Benjamin Weil, Weil-McLain was originally named Weil Brothers. In 1918, after acquiring a main supplier, J.H. McLain Company, the company was renamed Weil-McLain and boiler plant operations moved to Michigan City, Indiana.  Today Weil-McLain is the largest manufacturer of cast iron boilers in North America, with headquarters in Chicago and plants in Indiana and North Carolina.  Their 135+ years of business is almost as old as Canada itself! 

In 1959 Weil-McLain established a Canadian headquarters in Brampton, and shortly thereafter Weil-McLain joined CIPH.  They stayed there until 2002 when Bill Palamar and John Goshulak purchased the company and the distribution rights for Weil-McLain products for all of Canada.   Today Weil-McLain Canada continues the long-standing tradition of providing quality boiler and water heater products with exceptional service by dedicated staff and sales representation across all of Canada.  For over 50 years we have kept Canadians warm, and we look forward to doing so for the next 100 years too.



William Scott Inc.

Almost 40 years ago I found myself employed as a peddler of plumbing. Upon attending my first Quebec Regional CIPH “Lady’s Night” event I found my self on the dance floor with my girlfriend dancing to the bossa nova hit, “Girl From Ipanema”. Even after employing my best dance moves, after the song was finished, she walked off the dance floor and whispered in my ear; “you owe me for this one pal!” Years later, at the same event, I watched a room full of CIPH members and their loved ones dancing to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. Now there’s an industry changing with the times!



 Zoeller Canada


Founded in 1939, Zoeller Company is one of the oldest independently-owned professional pump manufacturers in North America. Since that time, Zoeller has established itself as a leader in pump equipment and technology. Zoeller manufactures fractional horsepower pumps, grinders, large horsepower non-clog units, hazardous duty pumps, rail systems, package systems, controls, alarms, and much more.

Zoeller has been selling product in Canada for over 35 years. In 2007 Zoeller Canada was established in Kitchener, Ontario as an individual division of Zoeller Company. Zoeller Canada became a member of the CAPM in the early 1990’s and joined the CIPH last year after the CAPM was established as a council of the organization. Most recently, Zoeller Canada acquired a new larger factory and warehouse facility in Brantford, Ontario. This transition will allow Zoeller Canada to carry more inventory, expand, and continue delivering dependable products and solutions to Canada’s water and wastewater industry. 

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