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PIAC Terms of Reference


The Plumbing Industry Advisory Council (PIAC) derives its authority from and is directly responsible to the Board of Directors.


  • To promote uniformity in Canadian plumbing codes, regulations and standards.  
  • To ensure that any deviations from uniformity are necessary.  
    To inform, educate and lobby as necessary to achieve uniformity.
  • To maintain a working liaison with standards writing organizations, certification organizations, code writing bodies, inspection authorities and government ministries.
  • To serve as a technical advisory committee in the evaluation and development of plumbing codes and regulations, standards, certification to standards and interpretation of plumbing codes.
  • To evaluate and provide comment and/or technical advice as necessary regarding proposed changes to regulations which affect product.


The Chairman of the PIAC shall be a CIPH Member, appointed by the Board of Directors. The Chairman shall be responsible for reporting to the Board of Directors through a Director. The PIAC shall be composed of no fewer than ten and no more than twenty members. At least 50% of these shall be members of CIPH. The remaining Members shall be representatives of other associations or organizations such as the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada, the Canadian Copper and Brass Development Association, the Canadian Water Quality Association, the Canadian Water & Wastewater Association, Plumbing Manufacturers Institute (USA) and the Corporation des Maitres Mecaniciens en Tuyauterie du Québec. These shall be appointed by the Chairman of PIAC in consultation with the Chairman of the Manufacturers' Division to ensure broad industry representation. Substitutions for Members will not be allowed. Guests, related to the industry and meeting the membership critieria, may be invited to participate in PIAC  discussions with the approval of the chair.


Annually, the Council shall prepare an Operational Program (program of goals) and a budget for presentation by the Chairman to the Board of Directors for approval.  Regular progress reports shall be provided at each Board meeting.

The Council shall meet at least once annually and as many times as are required to effectively execute its Operational Program.

At any meeting a quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the Council Members. No meeting should be held without a quorum. Each meeting must have an agenda and supporting documentation distributed to the Members in advance. There shall be a secretary who will take and promptly distribute minutes. This position is normally filled by a staff member of CIPH.


The Council, with CIPH staff, shall prepare an Annual Budget for submission to the Board of Directors for approval.  All expenditures over $100 require a CIPH Purchase Order, signed by the President & General Manager or Manager of Operations of CIPH. 

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