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Canadian Hydronics Conference Schedule
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Canadian Hydronics Conference Schedule

Full Program Pricing:


Premium Registration: $469.00

Consists of 1 (one) hour and 1 (one) 2-hour session on Monday AM, Monday PM and Tuesday AM, plus a 1 year complimentary Canadian Hydronic Installer Membership (for those eligible) and a small token gift.


Full Registration: $399.00

Consists of 1 (one) hour and 1 (one) 2-hour session on Monday AM, Monday PM and Tuesday AM.



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Seminar Descriptions


Date: Monday, October 16
Time: 9:00 AM

Speaker: Robert Bean, Healthy Heating

Title: Selling Comfort? Prove it! 

Description: Most everything the hydronics industry does is to deliver comfort to the occupants yet still 97% of manufacturers, distributors, designers, trades can’t describe it nor quantify it (my stats after 15 years of surveys). It gets worse…since the early days of promoting energy efficient housing countless millions of tax payer dollars have gone to programs to improve insulation, air leakage and tightness and yet per the Rocky Mountain Institute 70% of people who completed whole home upgrades did it to improve thermal comfort and 63% did it to reduce sound - not energy efficiency. Governments and academia are pushing efficiency but consumers are asking for comfort. Industry says it can provide comfort, but can’t demonstrate how. That is until now…learn how to use online, simple and free thermal discomfort risk assessment tools to sell hydronic systems.

Date: Monday October 16
Time: 10:15AM

Speaker: (Panel)
Paul Chang – Government of Alberta
Robert Bean, Healthy Heating
Barry Cunningham, Triangle Supply
Mark Eatherton, Intelligent Radiant Solutions

Title: Understanding the Local (Alberta) Environment for Hydronics

Description: A panel discussion moderated by Barry Cunningham that will answer questions about regulatory changes in the marketplace and their impacts. Additionally, industry leaders, Bean and Eatherton, speak to the opportunities in the marketplace and how it can continue to grow. Opportunity to get your questions answered about the local market as well as additional technical concerns. 

Date: Monday October 16
Time: 1:00 PM
Speaker: Mark Eatherton, Intelligent Radiant Solutions

Title: Alternatives to Radiant Floors in High Efficiency Buildings

Description: As buildings are mandated to become more and more energy efficient, the operating surface temperatures of radiant floors become less and less noticeable. The days of promising “warm floors” are going away, but the need to address the consumers comfort needs remain, but the scope is changing. This class will discuss the difference between “Warm Floors” versus delivering “Excellent Radiant Comfort” and will show you some alternative radiant surfaces including radiant walls, ceilings, countertops and windows.

Date: Monday October 16
Time: 2:15PM
Speaker: Bob Rohr, Caleffi

Title: Don’t Forget the Fluid

Description; The fluid in your hydronic systems holds the key to efficiency, and longevity. Learn what you need to know about testing and assuring top quality system fluids.

Date: Tuesday October 17
Time: 9:00 AM
Speaker: Ellen Rohr, Small Business Expert

Title: Uncomplicate Your Business

Description: Learn to run your business so your business doesn’t run you. Simple tips that can help you generate more sales and profitability by focusing on what you do best. Getting more out of your hard work doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Date: Tuesday, October 17 
Time: 10:15AM
Speaker: Greg Cunniff, TACO

Title: Moving BTUs In Commercial Buildings: Comparing Water, Air & Refrigerants

Description: Considering HVAC system options for commercial buildings is best evaluated by measuring the efficiency of transporting thermal energy around a building via water, air or refrigerants. This webinar will focus on the comparative performance of these HVAC system options using real world examples of metered data of the different systems and their comfort factor using occupants’ actual ratings. The presentation will include a method to compare efficiencies of HVAC systems using AHRI equipment data.

    What participants will learn from this seminar: 
  • How hydronics system energy efficiency compares with air and refrigerant systems 
  • How to compare the system comfort of hydronics against air and refrigerant systems
  • What is the method to modify AHRI equipment efficiencies in order to compare different systems against each other? 
  • What are some of the latest innovations in hydronic systems


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