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Climate Change and How the Industry is Addressing it

July 17, 2017  
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In the last few years, we have all seen or experienced the effects of climate change in some form, such as a colleague being flooded out of their home or wildfires destroying lives and livelihoods. Sadly, this is becoming the norm in Canada, but it is a global challenge that reaches every country and continent. 

Undoubtedly, this is a very complex issue that affects all Canadians.  From our unique industry perspective, it influences our built environment systems, supporting infrastructure, utilities and much more. Adding to the complexity is understanding the science behind the effects we are observing. In many cases we observe just the results, but what is very clear is that we need meaningful and practical strategies to combat climate change in the short and long term.  




The intersection between climate change and our industry manifests itself in many ways including freezing temperatures, hot/dry conditions that trigger wildfires, ice quakes and extreme flooding events. Predicting these events is difficult yet our industry is tasked with responding, and participating in recovery and rebuilding, by delivering clean safe drinking water, sanitation and infrastructure rehabilitation. 

The federal government has made a commitment to tackle climate change and that commitment is going to be the foundation for several policy changes in interrelated sectors of our economy and community.  A key outcome will be the creation of more resilient communities that can recover faster from extreme weather events. 

Every institution has a role to play in a smarter future for Canada and CIPH is doing its part primarily through its role in leading the Plumbing Mechanical Advisory Council (PMAC). The PMAC helps shape and respond to changes in the “codes”, so that they work for our members and the millions of Canadians who rely on the products made and sold throughout the country.

To further demonstrate our commitment to Climate Change, the CIPH Board took an important step earlier this year by creating a policy statement that will help guide our efforts on behalf of our members. 


“CIPH supports market transformation towards a sustainable and effective lower carbon economy that allows consumers comfort and affordable choices. Our members’ and industry’s ability to provide practical and innovative solutions for today and future generations will assist Canadian governmental bodies in reaching their climate change objectives and conservation of our natural resources while preserving and protecting our existing built environment.”


So, that our members continue to thrive in this changing environment CIPH will provide member support by:

  • Creating awareness of government direction, policy and timelines; 
  • Providing fact based industry feedback, market impact, and implementation overviews; 
  • Communicating solution based responses to industry, government and regulatory bodies; 
  • Developing systems based solutions that represent the various geographic areas across Canada and
  • Building consensus that support the shared objectives of the industry and policy makers


Further, CIPH is active on non-plumbing advisory committees including the Canadian Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency and the Standing Committee on Plumbing and HVAC, and has become a trusted resource for the likes of Natural Resources Canada and Environment Canada.


Responding and adjusting business to the policies and regulatory changes created to address climate change will be critically important to future success. CIPH and its members keenly understand the responsibility and opportunities involved and are excited to engage on this issue.


CIPH’s members have always seen themselves as an important part of Canada’s infrastructure and built environment system. In response to climate change we anticipate an increased role for our industry to assure the delivery of clean water, safe sanitation and heating solutions that continues to keep Canadians safe and sound. 


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