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Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) Consortium

February 21, 2019   (0 Comments)
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Currently, 10/12 jurisdictions have endorsed the agreement. Endorsement means that the jurisdiction acknowledges that the agreement as it's written satisfies the RCT's criteria. This endorsement process provides jurisdictions an opportunity to tweak the language for clarity and consistency, but not in terms of the agreement's fundamental aspects. Signing on to the agreement is the next step.


It is expected that the RCT will conclude the endorsement process in the next 2-3 weeks. At that point there will be a final agreement and a 90-day signing on window will commence. Even those jurisdictions who did not endorse explicitly will be able to sign on to the agreement. The agreement has been written in such a way that jurisdictions may sign up at a date later than 90 days if they choose - only a minor amendment is required.  Finally, PTAC (SCC's committee) will be having a face-to-face meeting on Feb 27th at which time they will be developing an implementation workplan, for the CRN reconciliation agreement, in order to determine what will need to be done, who will do it, etc.


RCT requirements include:


  •  Identifying the regulatory measures being reconciled;
  •  Identifying the obligations to achieve reconciliation through means such as:
  1. harmonization;
  2. mutual recognition;
  3. equivalency; or
  4. such other method as the Parties may agree;
  • a timeline for implementation; and
  • a process to address changes in circumstances