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Philip Rizcallah Recipient of 2019 Joseph K. Seidner Award

August 12, 2019   (0 Comments)
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L to R: Kevin Ernst, Chairman of PMAC, OS&B; Philip Rizcallah, NRCan; Ralph Suppa, President & General Manager, CIPH



Philip Rizcallah, Director, Research and Development, Construction at the National Research Council of Canada is the nineteenth recipient of the Joseph K. Seidner Award. 

The presentation took place at the annual Canadian Advisory Council on Plumbing Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario on August 13th, 2019.  

The Canadian Advisory Council on Plumbing provides a forum for industry, regulators, and product certification organizations to share new concepts and ideas, to discuss policy and programs, and to review innovations and new technologies that affect plumbing standards, as well as the certification and testing of plumbing products. 

The award is in recognition of Mr. Rizcallah’s outstanding contributions to Canadian plumbing codes and standards.Philip began his career 30 years ago when he worked as a Fire Protection Engineer for the federal government in Ontario and Atlantic under what was then Human Resources Development Canada. 

Philip joined NRC in 1999 as a Technical Advisor for the National Fire Code.  He progressed to Manager of Codes Canada and was appointed Program Director for the Building Regulations for Market Access Program in 2014. Currently, he serves as Program Director at the Construction Research Centre of the National Research Centre. In his current role as Program Director he works tirelessly with the entire construction sector to achieve the best outcomes for regulations and research because he believes that construction codes and research will be more relevant for Canadians if the industry is engaged.


"The National Research Council values the relationship and strong commitment with the CIPH and will continue to strengthen the collaboration with our partner as we move towards the goal of harmonization of all codes and standards across the country. I was honoured to receive the Joseph A. Seidner award in 2019, as it comes at a time when I  transition in my career.  This award has helped to validate the positive impact left on your industry through my commitment and effort in supporting the CIPH over the past number of years” stated Philip Rizcallah.

Plumbing & Mechanical Advisory Council (PMAC) Chair Kevin Ernst (OS&B) stated that:

“Philip is indeed a worthy and dedicated individual and shares the same remarkable qualities fundamental to all the J.K. Seidner recipients with traits such as commitment, perseverance, tenacity, persistence and a willingness to share his expertise. Philip’s contribution to the Plumbing and Mechanical Advisory Council and the industry is well noted, valued and recognized by his peers in both Canada and the United States.”

The award was established by the CIPH Board of Directors in November 2000 to honour Joseph K. Seidner, the first recipient and an industry leader and friend of CIPH. Mr. Seidner passed away in 2003 at the age of 96.  The award honours his legacy in the Standards community.