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2020–2025 Code Cycle Areas of Strategic Importance

November 26, 2019   (0 Comments)
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2020–2025 Code Cycle Areas of Strategic Importance


The Task Group on Priorities on behalf of the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) requested CIPH’s input on areas of strategic importance for the upcoming code cycle.


The CCBFC is responsible for developing the objective-based National Model Codes in Canada and is preparing to launch a new code cycle.


To better address the concerns and issues faced by its various partners and stakeholders, the CCBFC invited our participation to identify significant, high-level strategic areas of interest deserving consideration by the Commission.


The current code cycle ends with the publication of the 2020 edition of the National Model Codes. During this cycle, the CCBFC has recognized the importance to identify and address partner and stakeholder priorities.


CIPH through its Plumbing and Mechanical Advisory Council (PMAC) recommended various areas of strategic importance under Policy priorities, Technical priorities and Maintenance priorities for the 2020-2025 Code. Please click here to view the various recommended areas of strategic importance.


The Task Group will use this information to help focus the work of the CCBFC, improving the responsiveness and efficiency of the code development system by building upon the strategic areas of the last cycle, considering which areas may still be of high interest as well as any potential new areas.