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Essential Services During COVID-19

March 23, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sarah Clarke
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Many members have inquired about essential services as they relate to our industry. 


This is what we understand: 


The largest provinces/jurisdictions have already said construction is an essential service (Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and in BC they’re all still moving forward) so now the shift is toward measures that can improve health and safety on job sites. Keep in mind this can change anytime!


Here are the five priorities to keep "construction and related manufacturing activity to remain open" from CCA to the Prime Minister (Lots of the service decisions and on-site decisions will be up to the provinces, but they need these supports to be clear federally to help the provinces keep people on the job):


1. Specific details around how companies and individuals can access the financial relief announced this week by the government – this is critical to provide assurance that business owners are not asked to decide between health and safety on one hand and a business failure on the other;


2. Consistent guidelines from the health authorities around best practices to keep workers safe and healthy on project sites;


3. A clear statement, supported by future legislation, addressing how the Government of Canada will treat delays, project disruptions and other COVID-19 related costs under the provisions of federal contracts, as well as leadership in dialogue with provincial authorities on developing a consistent approach on this issue;


4. Prioritize critical infrastructure and work with industry to prioritize allocation of essential resources, including manufacturing capacity to provide materials and equipment needed; and


5. Instruct EDC and BDC to urgently engage with industry and the financial services industry to deploy additional domestic credit to mitigate the short-term financial impact of COVID-19 related delays and costs.