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CIPH & NRCan - Issues Related to Equipment Performance Requirements

June 30, 2020   (0 Comments)
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CIPH and NRCan staff have been working closely to resolve issues related to hot water heater and boiler equipment performance requirements.  Most of these issues are related to the changes that have been introduced in NRCan Amendments 14 and 15.  The following is a summary of some of the issues as well as their context and status. 

1. EnerGuide Labels for residential gas-fired water heaters: 

The water heater industry has a voluntary labelling program which is used by manufacturers in their product literature.  With Amendment 14’s shift from EF to UEF, development of a new label was required.  NRCan committed to support the industry with developing a new label, and has created several draft label versions.  CIPH members have provided feedback and suggestions which NRCan has incorporated in the label.  A final label version is to be expected soon. 

2. EF and UEF guidance document:

Industry has requested that NRCan develop an informational document to assist all industry stakeholders understand the difference between EF and UEF.  A draft guidance document has been developed and shared with CIPH for comment.  This document will be completed once the final version of the EnerGuide label has been when decided on.

3. Amendment 15 Water Heater efficiency calculations:

CIPH has identified and notified NRCan of some issues related to water heater efficiency calculations that are used in Amendment 15.  One issue related to an error in the conversion of the standby loss formula from imperial to metric.  Another issue related to the definitions of rated storage and measured storage that are different from the DOE definitions.  NRCan will publish a correction to the conversion error in the next amendment, and is doing further investigation regarding the definition difference.

4. Replacement Label:

Under Amendment 15, gas fired water heaters have different efficiency requirements depending on whether they are for new construction or retrofits.  A label will need to be applied to units destined for retrofit applications. NRCan has committed to support industry to develop a replacement label.  Any water heater manufacturers who have suggestions for this label should contact CIPH. 

5. Boiler installation guidelines for difficult configurations:

NRCan committed during discussions for Amendment 15 to support industry in development of guidelines and best practices to address questions raised regarding complex installations for boiler installations. NRCan has offered to participate in an industry led working group with on the matter, and a CIPH-NRCan working group will be created.  Any boiler manufacturers interested in working on this project should contact CIPH.