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CIPH and MCA Canada are Critical Partners for a Green Recovery

September 22, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Our members represent a significant portion of Canada’s prosperous manufacturing and service sectors, and we dedicate our lives to the success of the industry and its skilled workforce. With the entire nation focused on COVID-19 recovery, our goals are no different. However, the full recovery of the skilled trades in a post-COVID world requires the aid of the Canadian Government if we are to establish a green and stable economy. If the Canadian Government is truly committed to economic recovery, it must start with the workers ensuring the functionality of our nation’s businesses and services - the industry we represent maintains the foundation of Canada’s economy and requires that our needs are met before other sectors can thrive. We ask that you review our needs, as we firmly believe the government’s goals for a post-COVID recovery is aligned with the growth and sustainability of businesses in our industry.

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