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Another Tale of CIPH Teamwork

October 6, 2017  
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One of the great values of CIPH to its membership, and industry, is its ongoing engagement with federal ministries and agencies. Through our collaborative nature we have become a welcome participant in the many discussions that will shape the operating landscape for our industry, and that positioning is invaluable as an early warning and interpretation device for our members.


As a follow-up to the Day-On-the-Hill events in the Spring of 2017 CIPH coordinated a meeting of NRCan, NRC and Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada to address alignment of codes and regulations for the provinces and territories. Our main premise is to work together to find and identify practical win/win solutions for our ultimate goal - harmonization – which will help build a stronger national model codes infrastructure system, for a more competitive Canada. 


The agenda of this meeting was significant and we are happy to update the membership on the key NRC priorities. Future articles will expand upon the ongoing work we are engaging in with NRCan and the Treasury Board Secretariat.


Here is one some insight into the NRC priorities most relevant to our members right now.

Chief among them was the updating of current energy codes towards the target of being Net Zero Ready by 2022. It may come as a relief to some that terms such as Net Zero are still being defined however, the current approach appears to a tiered one that will provide jurisdictions options in implementation, over time. While this may fragment the marketplace, it is expected that this will also enable jurisdictions to be practical in their application and CIPH is already advising on the market readiness and reasonability of the tiers and timelines. As these become more defined we will share in greater detail.


Another significant priority of NRC is what they term Climate Change Adaptation Strategies. NRC is focused on being an instrument to help Canada become more resilient to the adverse effects of intense weather events linked to climate change, which are increasing in frequency and severity. The key is being more forward looking in the application of codes and master specs rather than relying on historical data which is decreasing in relevance with every new instance. In this regard CIPH is providing technical expertise to prepare for the uncertainties of the future. It is an important responsibility that our members are eager to engage in.


CIPH is excited to be such a valued contributor to the development of the “right” codes and regulations that will shape Canadian industry and society in the years to come. In these two specific areas, we are able to provide important technical expertise contributing to the safety and prosperity of Canadians, as we have for more than 80 years.


Working with NRC is another example of the dividends of our collaborative approach to advocacy and the investments we have made through activities such the “Day on the Hill” activities over the years. There will certainly be more to report in the future on these key issues as well as how NRC is shaping the renovation and retrofit markets that are also critical to member’s interests.

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