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50 Year Service Award Recipients

CIPH 50 Year Service Award was established in 1983,the 50th Anniversary of CIPH/ICPC.This award is presented to each nominated employee of a CIPH member company with 50 years service in the industry. 

Name of Recipient
Year Awarded
 Irwin, Bill  2019   Hill Supplies
Zieschang, Wolfgang 2019 Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.
Langill, John  2018 Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.
 Dunn, Jerry 2017  Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.
 Woodland, Tom 2017  Canplas Industries Ltd. 
 Griffin, Wayne 2016  Bardon Supplies Ltd. 
 Zaplotynsky, Sonia 2016   Emco Corporation
 Jacques, Claude 2016  Gro-Mec Inc. 
Davedow, Robert 2016 Emco Corporation
Todd, Eric 2016 Bardon Supplies Ltd.
Findlay, Brian 2015 Andrew Sheret Limited
Lajoie, Roland 2015 Les Entreprises Roland Lajoie Inc.
Pinhey, Richard 2015 Crane Supply
Sylvain, J. Pierre 2015 Agences J. Pierre Sylvain Inc.
Baker, Ken 2014 Desco Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc.
Nault, John 2014 Crane Supply
Darke, Frank 2013 Darke Marketing Inc.
Gilbert, George 2013 Allied Engineering Co.
Lang, Russell 2013 Franke Kindred Canada Ltd.
Niven, Gary 2013 G.R. Niven Sales Inc.
Steer, Ken 2013 Wolseley Canada Inc.
Dennison, Malcolm 2012 NY Thermal Inc.
Hutcheon, Terry 2012 Wolseley Canada
Petro, Lou 2012 Allied Technical Services Inc.
Wellington, Don 2012 Great Lakes Copper Inc.
Pinhey, Richard 2011 Crane Supply
Solomon, Maurice 2011 Wolseley Canada
Edison, Dave 2010 Dave Edison Agency Ltd.
Wynn, Kevin 2010 Rafales Agencies Inc.
Belanger, Georges 2005 Deschênes & Fils Ltée
Boshart, Mel 2005 Boshart Industries
Cousins, Alex 2005 Emco Corporation
Deschênes, Jacques 2005 Groupe Deschênes Inc.
Lesage, Claude 2005 Usines Giant Factories Inc.
White, Dan 2005 Marks Supply
Stack, James 2004 Wolseley Canada Inc.
Parsons, Ed 2003 Crane Supply
Barby, Agnes 2002 Western Supplies
Currie, Dick 2001 Cello Products
Davidson, John 2001 Westburne
Elcome, Ron 2000 Hudson Plumbing
King, Bill 2000 Hudson Plumbing
Montgomery, Graham 2000 Desco Plumbing & Heating
Sellyeh, George 2000 Westburne – Ontario
Smith, Don 2000 Peninsula Plumbing & Heating
Wareham, John 2000 Usines Giant Factories
Qua, George 1999 Niagara Plumbing
Schultz, John 1999 J.L. Schultz
Huot, Ben 1998 Ben Huot Inc.
Mazzei, Dom 1998 Momentum Sales Agency
Pettigrew, Keith 1998 Cello Products
Rickett, Ralph 1998 Ken Partington Sales
Riley, Jack 1998 NCI Marketing
Belogus, Ernie 1997 Consolidated Wholesale
Houle, Gerard 1997 J.U. Houle Ltée
Houle, Jules 1997 J.U. Houle Ltée
McLean, Doug 1997 Doug McLean Agencies
Reed, Bernie 1997 Universal Supply Co.
Erenberg, Irving 1996 Irving’s Plumbing
Ford, Wes 1994 Hudson Plumbing
Abraham, Ernie 1992 Hill Plumbing
Forrest, Allan 1992 Allan Forrest Sales
Partridge, Ed 1991 Crane Canada
Paterson, Pat 1991 Triangle Plumbing & Heating
Campbell, Mel 1990 Hudson Plumbing
Collier, Ron 1988 BC Plumbing Supplies
Mercille, Jean 1988 Deschênes et Fils
Webb, Norm 1988 Westburne
Douglas, W.L. 1987 Emco Supply
Whitfield, Alec M. 1985 Emco Ltd.
Armstrong, Thomas J. 1984
Penman, Edward 1984 Crane Canada
Shergold, Stanley 1984 Brampton Plumbing & Heating
Williams, Harry 1984 Miller Morris / Ideal
Brown, G.M. 1983 Crane Supply
Chemis, Joseph J. 1983 Emco Ltd.
Clayton, Ralph 1983 American-Standard
Couper, David 1983 Crane Supply
Daly, Paul 1983 American-Standard
Freedman, Don 1983 Ideal Plumbing Supplies
Hamilton, Lloyd 1983 GSW Inc.
Hawe, W.C. 1983 Inter-Provincial Steel Co.
Hitchen, Arthur F. 1983 Emco Ltd.
Hutchinson, Peter 1983 Crane Canada
Johnston, Bill 1983 ITT Fluid Products
Lee, Harry 1983 Cello Products
MacDaniel, W.H. 1983 Emco Ltd.
Manley, Reg 1983 GSW Inc.
Mason, Hiram 1983 GSW Inc.
McDonald, J. Charles 1983 Crane Supply
McMorran, Garnet 1983 Emco Supply
Pinner, George E. 1983 Emco Ltd.
Ricard, Louis-Philippe 1983 Omer De Serres
Ritchie, Harry 1983 Brampton Plumbing & Heating
Scott, Harold 1983 Waterline Products
Somerville, Bob 1983 Aristocrat
Sullivan, John 1983 Crane Canada
Thompson, Ross 1983 American-Standard
Tiedemann, Wallace 1983 Emco Ltd.
Whiteside, Dick 1983 Olsonite Company
Yull, James F. 1983 Crane Supply
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