Habitat for Humanity Canada

Fundraising Campaign


Contributions are already coming in for our current campaign. Pledge now to make a difference.


CIPH has been a proud partner of Habitat for Humanity Canada since 1994. Over that period, our members have raised funds, donated product and built homes in support of their mission to build affordable housing and promote home ownership as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty. 


We consider it a privilege to be able to advance this mission from coast to coast and are excited about the results achieved since 1994:


CIPH members have contributed more than $16 million in cash and product; we are one of Habitat's largest contributing partners.


We've sponsored 14 Habitat Community Home Builds:

  • 2003: The Minshull Family - Niagara Falls, ON
  • 2005: The Hannah-Lewis Family - Moncton, NB
  • 2006: The Lough Family - Winnipeg, MB
  • 2007: The MacWilliams Family - Charlottetown, PEI
  • 2008: The Rochon Family - Montréal, QB
  • 2009: The Zatlun Family - Regina, SK
  • 2010: The Alvarez Family - St. John's, NF
  • 2011: The Prior Family - Victoria, BC
  • 2012: The Shaver Family - Ottawa, ON
  • 2014: Multiple Families (13), Burlington, ON
  • 2016: The Warren/Ward Family - Winnipeg, MB
  • 2017: Carter Works Project (sites across Canada)
  • 2019: Spryfield, Nova Scotia & South-East Calgary, AB - Gallery


3 Ways to Donate:


1. New Products 


Provide "product certificates" for products that can be used in Habitat homes across the country.


2. Cash 


 A donation of cash enables CIPH to sponsor community builds.

Members who contribute $25,000 or more including a minimum of $5,000 in cash are considered Major Donors.


3. Inventory


Through the Habitat ReStore, overstock and extra products can help build homes!

Donors will receive a tax receipt for 50% of the retail value of the donation.

For 25 years, the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating has been making a difference one family at a time


When it comes to supporting Habitat for Humanity Canada, the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) has it down to a science.

Twenty-five years ago, Case de Jong, former chairman of CIPH’s board of directors, proposed starting a charity committee. After feeling inspired by a documentary about the first Canadian local Habitat in Winnipeg, Case suggested that Habitat for Humanity Canada should be their charity of choice. Read more ...



Donors for the 2018/2019 Campaign


For assistance with your contribution or if you have questions please contact Geeta Persaud at g.persaud@ciph.com