CIPH Student Awards
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Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating Student Awards Program
The CIPH Student Awards Program exists to encourage students to seek careers in the manufacturing, distribution or sale of plumbing, heating, hydronics (hot water), industrial pipe, valves & fittings and waterworks industry. With a huge and growing demand plus an aging workforce, careers in our industry are waiting to be filled.


It's an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting industry!


What is It?
CIPH Student Awards are currently available through Canadian Educational Institutions who are members of CIPH. Over $356,000 in awards have been disbursed under our program since it was launched in 2006.


Programs of Study:

Student awards will be eligible to students studying in the following programs, including and limited to:

  • Engineering/Engineering Technology (selected disciplines relating to the Plumbing and Heating Industry, e.g. Building & Construction Sciences, Environmental Engineering, etc.);
  • Business Studies (e.g.: Marketing, Administration, IT, Accounting);


Who’s Eligible?

Student Award applicants must be Canadian citizens who have completed at least their first year of study;


  1. Student Awards can be granted on the basis of either overall academic achievement or financial need, so long as the student maintains a minimum average of 70% in the first year of study. CIPH will approve the merit/need decision based on the recommendation of the Educational Institution; 
  2. The criteria for the award may be reviewed and changed by mutual consent of the parties. Schools are responsible for administration of the award once the criteria and donation have been established and consent of CIPH is confirmed;
  3. The CIPH Student Awards Program will be on-going from year to year, although eligible Schools will be subject to change;
  4. Only those Schools in Canada who are members of CIPH will be considered as eligible to receive funds under the program;
  5. Funding will be allotted to each of the 9 CIPH Regions at $3,000 per School. Each School may elect to spread funding among more than one student and/or more than one program of study upon approval from CIPH.


CIPH Region Boards will make recommendations to CIPH Staff about the eligible recipient Schools in their area based on:

  1. The School demonstratively adhering to CIPH Educational Institution Membership Criteria;
  2. Funding allocations to Schools in each Region from previous years under the program

For more information please contact Michelle Marchetti, Program Manager at