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Ilana Chilewitz       

Noble Corporation 
Business Systems Manager
Q) What is the best career advice you ever received?

 A) Do not hire people who are like you - surround yourself with people who are a blend of skills and personalities - very diverse but specifically hire people who are good in your challenge areas so that as a team, you are powerful - more powerful than if you were standing alone.

Q) If you could go back in time and give your younger self career advice, what would it be?

A) Don't take things so personally - focus less on yourself and more on those around you.

Q) How did you get your start in the plumbing & heating industry?

A) I was approached in May 2012 to join a new team at Noble as a Business Systems Analyst. I was more drawn to the great working environment and culture but over time I have come to appreciate the contribution Noble makes to people's daily lives - and the industry in general. There is nothing like a friend calling me frantically early in the morning because they just lost heat in their house and they have young children. I do believe though that my true 'introduction' to the industry was through my absolutely amazing time working closely with Sian Smith. With her as my mentor, manager and leader, I learnt so much about our awesome industry and met so many fantastic people.

Q) What is the most unusual job you have ever had (in any industry)?

A) I was once a professional belly dancer (not many people know that :) )
Q) Best vacation ever was…

A) I am from South Africa so travelling around Cape Town is just so incredibly special but coming in very close is backpacking around Italy with my best friend many, many, many years ago.

Q) Who do you follow on social media?

A) Simon Sinek, Servant Leadership Institute, Brene Brown and Prince Ea.

Q) LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram?

A) LinkedIn. I decided a while ago to remove Facebook from my daily life.

Q) Best business book you have ever read.
A) Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Q) What are you reading now?

A) I Am Malala

Q) What do you like best about this industry?

A) It is so fast paced and although the distribution industry is slightly slower on the uptake in terms of innovation (I come predominantly from the banking industry) there is so much disruption happening and such awesome technology out there for our industry - I find it very exciting. I remember meeting a guy who developed an app that allows contractors to take a picture of something they need to replace, it finds the product, the contractor selects how many, agrees on the price and they get it delivered in two hours - how cool is that (I am a little bit of an techno nerd :) ).

Q) What is your current job and what do you love about it?

A) I support people to reach their potential. Our IT department is split into two and I manage the one part which is responsible for all Noble's business systems (our ERP, payroll software, business intelligence / reporting software, fleet management software etc.). I do my best to serve my team who serve our team mates / co-workers who serve our customers. I love learning and working with my team to push ourselves to the next level - to continuously improve ourselves, our systems, our processes and the experience our co-workers and customers have through technology. We solve problems, we implement new systems and processes, we are innovators and disruptors who also stay grounded in our values. I am extremely passionate about human capital development and am honored to be in a people manager position where I can try out new skills and ideas - some work, some don't but we learn all the way through. I strive every day to get one step closer to bringing my absolute best self to work - I strive to create an environment where we are inspired to come to work every day and go home feeling fulfilled.

Q) Is there anything else you would like to share with CIPH Women’s Network members?

A) I am so excited to be working on setting up a mentorship committee as part of the CIPH women's network and I want to personally extend an invitation to reach out to me with your ideas, experiences you have had that was awesome or awful, suggestions for women and men who you think will be / are good mentors - and for anything else you want to chat about.
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