Membership Definitions




"Manufacturer" means a Person with a substantial investment in a plant, or machinery or tools and fixtures in Canada, pertaining to Plumbing and Heating.

"Associate Manufacturer"
means a Person with direct resident employees based in Canada who derives an important portion of business revenue from the supply of Plumbing, Heating, Hydronics, PVF, and Municipal product lines.

"Wholesaler Distributor" means a Person whose principal business is the distribution to the industry of plumbing and related products and that he continuously carries in stock a general assortment thereof in sufficient quantities to answer all ordinary requirements of the industry in his locality.

"Industry" includes mechanical and plumbing contractors, industrial and maintenance accounts and retailers.

“Master Distributor” means a Person whose principal business is the distribution from a Canadian warehouse to the wholesaler industry of an exclusive line of plumbing and/or heating products not available from another Canadian source.

"Member" includes a member company.

"Person" includes a Canadian citizen, Canadian corporation, partnership or business registered to carry on business in Canada.

"Plumbing and Heating" includes any of the products of plumbing, hydronics, heating, industrial pipe, valves & fittings and waterworks as more fully described in this bylaw.

"Region" means the geographical area designated as regional grouping of members of the Institute.


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