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We're pleased to announce that CIPH, in partnership with the American Supply Association (ASA) are giving CIPH members exclusive discounts to ASA's valuable and informative training products. Use the code CIPH1933 when purchasing through the ASA to get your special pricing today!


  Thought Leadership from the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence

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Introduction to Pipes, Valves & Fittings©

This course provides training for new employees about the characteristics and uses of pipe products, fittings and valves...


CIPH Member Price: $172.50


Introduction to Copper Tube, Plastic Pipe & Fittings©

This course includes definitions of common industry terms, descriptions of basic types of and uses of copper tube, plastic pipe and fittings...


CIPH Member Price: $172.50



Essentials of Profitable Inside Sales in Distribution©

This course provides critical knowledge and skills training for inside sales professionals who want to improve their performance and profitability...


CIPH Member Price: $202.50


Fixtures & Faucets©

This course is an interactive, online program divided into 8 modules. Each module includes...


CIPH Member Price: $348.75



Essentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution©

This course provides a straightforward and clear understanding of how wholesaler-distributors make and spend money...


CIPH Member Price: $172.50


Essentials of Profitable Showroom Sales©

This course covers the critical concepts of consultative selling, showroom marketing and customer service. Designed to help new employees sharpen their selling skills...


CIPH Member Price: $150.00





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