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The National Standards System

  • The National Standards System is the network of organizations and individuals involved in voluntary standards development, promotion and implementation in Canada 
  • Under the Standards Council of Canada Act, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is mandated with overseeing the National Standards System. 


Why do standards matter?

  • Standards have ensured the safety and performance of products & services for over 25 years
  • The National Standards System has more than 15,000 Canadian members   
  • More than 400 organizations have been accredited by SCC

How do Certifications and Codes Work?

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  • Products are considered “listed” or “approved” when they have been tested, and certified by an accredited certification organization AND they appear in a list of certified products in either an electronic or hard copy directory published by that organization.
  • Testing and certification involves an initial independent, third-party evaluation of a product to determine if the product conforms to applicable standards.

The following certification organizations have been accredited to test/certify plumbing product for Canada:




Full List of Certification Marks




  • Most provinces in Canada have adopted the model National Plumbing Code which can be enforced via regulation by a building or plumbing inspector.


Unsure if your province has adopted the codes? Take a look at the current schedule of codes or find your province.