Honorary Life Members

Established in 1974, Honorary Life Membership is awarded to those who have earned the Institute’s highest acclaim.  To be eligible, the person must be nearing retirement or a retired senior executive who provided outstanding leadership to CIPH, their company and the industry.


Name of Recipient
Year Awarded
Morgan, Russ 2019 IPEX Inc.
 Deschênes, Martin  2018  Groupe Deschênes Inc. 
Des Rosiers, Claude   2017  Boone Plumbing & Heating Supply  
 Webster, Ken 2016  Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc. 
Elliott, Rick 2015 Wolseley Canada
Lesage, Claude 2015 Usines Giant Factories Inc.
Sarjeant, Cliff 2014 NCI Canada Inc.
Dennis, Mike 2013 Moen
Robinson, Ross 2012 B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd.
Andrew, Rod 2011 M.P.H. Supply – A Noble Company
de Jong, Case 2009 Franke Kindred Canada Limited
Barclay, Bruce 2008 Barclay Sales Ltd.
Hildreth, Brian 2007 American-Standard
Partington, Ken 2006 K. Partington Sales Ltd.
Becker, W. Gord 2005 M.P.H. Plumbing Ltd.
Worry, Jack 2005 Barrington Marketing
Dobbin, Ross 2004 R.G. Dobbin Sales Ltd.
Karrel, Martin 2004 Island Distributors Ltd.
Woods, Dan 2004 Guillevin International Co.
Montgomery, Graham 2003 Desco Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc.
Balfour, Fraser 2002 Cronkhite Supply
Hardison, Ed 2002 CIPH
Cope, Richard 2001 Victaulic Co. Canada
Currie, Dick 2001 Cello Products
Reise Sr., Leo 2001 Household Supplies Ltd.
Axford, Don 2000 Axford Agencies
Deschênes, Jacques 2000 Groupe Deschênes
Keon, Jack 2000 Niagara Plumbing
Sullivan, Frank 2000 Wolverine Tube
Thompson, Garry 2000 Amcast Industrial
Vance, Gerry 2000 Royal Flex-Lox Pipe
Wareham, John 2000 Usines Giant Factories
Malo, Tony 1999 Nelco Inc.
Thompson, Roly 1999 GSW Inc.
Murphy, Pat 1998 Emco/Sumner
McHattie, Ron 1997 Weil-McLain
Verheuvel, Peter 1997 Eddy Group
Scott, Bill 1996 William Scott
Furlong, Larry 1995 Waterline Products
Hagedorn, Charlie 1995 Ancon International
Kelly, Gordon 1995 Crane Canada
Reed, Bernie 1995 Universal Supply
Bradley, Clint 1994 Fiat Products
Kerr, Lloyd 1994 Wolverine Tube
Stevens, John 1993 Pump & Softeners
Albert, Len 1992 Ideal Plumbing Group
Clark, Wilson 1992 Wicor Canada Inc.
Demers, Gerry 1992 United Westburne
Paterson, Pat 1992 Triangle Plumbing & Heating
Stevens, Bob 1992 GSW Inc.
Buckle, Bud 1991 Brass-Craft Canada
Hackett, Don 1991 Emco Ltd.
Spence, Bill 1991 Crane Canada
Walden, Don 1991 Triangle Plumbing & Heating
White, Ray 1991 Bibby-Ste. Croix Foundries
Wolfe, Charlie 1991 United Westburne
Cornez, Lucien 1989 United Westburne
Lambert, Jean-Louis 1989 Mott Co. Ltd.
Ecroyd, Larry 1988 CIPH
Hartog, Robbert 1988 Waltec Inc.
Neal, Art 1988 Niagara Plumbing Supply Co. Ltd.
Graham, Bill 1987 Western Supplies Ltd.
O’Neil, Don 1987 American-Standard
MacLean, Ralph 1986 Emco Ltd.
Daly, Paul 1985 American-Standard
Thompson, Jim 1985 Westburne Central
Farnell, Bill 1984 GSW Inc.
Whiteside, Dick 1984 Olsonite Company
Belfrey, Ted 1983 Anaconda Ltd. & CIPH Ontario Rgn
Freedman, Dan 1983 Ideal Plumbing
Jourdain, Jean-Louis 1983 Fred Poliquin
McMurrich, Ted 1983 Stelco Inc.
Urquhart, George 1983 Sumner Holdings
Burgess, Jim 1982 Waltec Inc.
Phillips, Ed 1982 Trane/Westcoast Transmission Co.
Alexander, Jim 1981 Western Supplies
Ivey, Peter 1981 Emco Ltd.
Munro, Don 1981 Jamieson Dansereau
Wilmot, Doug 1981 Anthes Imperial Co.
Corrigan, Jack 1980 General Steel Wares Ltd.
DeSerres, Roger 1980 Omer DeSerres Ltée
Hutchison, Peter 1980 Crane Supply & CIPH BC Rgn
Campbell, Packard 1979 Emco Supply & Weil-McLain Ltd.
Parker, George 1979 Mueller Ltd.
Rogers, Hal 1979 P & H Journal (Industry Magazine)
Brundage, Del 1978 Jenkins Bros. Ltd.
Hoskin, Harry 1978 Bird-Stairs
Cornish, Don 1977 Anaconda Canada Ltd.
McMorran, Garnet 1977 Emco Supply
Reade, Dick 1977 Crane Canada
Austin, Lou 1976 Trane Canada & CIPH Ontario Rgn
Orr, Roy 1976 Noranda Metal Industries Ltd.
Calkin, Roy 1975 T.P. Calkin Ltd.
Graham, Thornton 1975 Western Supplies Ltd.
Jarvie, Bob 1975 American-Standard
Poliquin, Fred 1975 Fred Poliquin Ltd./Ltée
Sullivan, John 1975 Crane Canada Ltd.
Dixon, Gerry 1974 CIPH