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Lifetime Service Award Recipients

The Lifetime Service Award was established in 2001 and is presented to each nominated employee of a CIPH Member Company with 40 years’ service in the industry.


Name of Recipient
Year Awarded
 Giurini, Carlo  2019  Uponor Ltd. 
Levert, Gilles  2019  Ward Manufacturing, Canada 
Lahn, Brian  2019  Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.* 
 Kramp, Larry 2019  Wolseley Canada  
Primucci, Dominic   2019  Mirolin Industries Corp. 
Zappone, Domenic 2018 B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd.
Sayers, Rob 2018 Anvil International Canada
Barless, Jim 2018 Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.*
Woolley, Kim  2018 Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.*
Schell, John 2018 Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.*
Lahn, Brian 2018 Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.*
Smith, Daniel 2018 Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.*
 Otterbein, Brad 2018 Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.*
Whitty, Robert  2018 Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.
Raycroft, Robert  2018 Bardon Supplies Ltd.
 Goodridge, Brad 2018 Jones Goodridge Inc.
 Rowe, Brian 2018 B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd.
 Bahrychuk, Greg 2018 Bellbrook Sales Inc.
Reynolds, Cheryl  2018 Andrew Sheret Limited
Elliott, Al  2018 Wolseley Canada
 Duffy, Dan 2018 Wolseley Canada
 Downey, Greg 2017 B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd.
 Stankewich, Tony 2017 B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd.
 Brand, Tammy 2017 Andrew Sheret Limited
 Perry, Claude 2017 Usines Giant Factories Inc.
 DeSanto, Lou  2017 Andrew Sheret Limited 
 Reed, Jeff 2017 Universal Supply Co. Inc.
 Reed, David 2017  Universal Supply Co. Inc.
 Arnott, Beverly 2017 Emco Corporation 
 Couture, Dave 2017 Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd. 
Cowan, Donna  2017 Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.
 Makalai, Akbar 2017  Wolseley Canada 
 Evans, Bob 2017 OS&B 
Bélanger, Jean-Guy   2017 Bélanger UPT 
Head, Jeff  2017 Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.* 
 Shipley, Tom 2016  EMCO Corporation
 Smith, Jeffrey 2016 Bardon Supplies Ltd. 
 Ferguson, Charlie 2016  Bardon Supplies Ltd. 
Murphy, Michael  2016 Bardon Supplies Ltd. 
 Murphy, Patrick 2016 Bardon Supplies Ltd. 
Montminy, Sylvie 2016  Bélanger UPT 
 Montminy, Serge   2016  Bélanger UPT 
 Brunet, Michel  2016  NCI Canada Inc. 
Poce, Adolpho  2016  Flocor Inc. 
Lewgood, Dale  2016 Canature WaterGroup 
Wells, Mark  2016 Andrew Sheret Limited 
Holbeche, Neil 2016 IPEX Inc.
 Forget, Sylvain 2016  Deschênes & Fils Ltée - Montréal
 Pennington, Harry  2016   Wolseley Canada  
Link, Peter   2016  EMCO Corporation  
 Abraham, Jean 2016  Wolseley Canada 
 Jarvo, Christopher 2016  Wolseley Canada 
Mullen, Brien  2016  Wolseley Canada 
 Lagasse, Robert (Bob)
2016  Wolseley Canada 
Proulx, Rick  2016  Reliance Worldwide Corporation (Canada) Inc. 
McNeil, David 2016 Emco Corporation
Palser, Hugh 2016 Palser Enterprises Ltd.
Howlett, Bob 2016 Noble Corporation
Munro, Dave  2016 Noble Corporation
Blundell, Rex 2016 Emco Corporation
Jenkins, Eric 2016 Emco Corporation
Stadler, Melvin 2016 Emco Corporation
Allenby, Dave 2015 Andrew Sheret Limited
Arpin, Gil 2015 Wolseley Canada
Brown, Ken 2015 Noble Corporation
Buckle, Wayne 2015 Smith Stockley Limited
Corning, George 2015 Emco Corporation
Costello, Dennis 2015 Flocor Inc.
Ferguson, Michael 2015 Wolseley Canada
 Morrison, Margo 2015 Emco Corporation
Forth, Barry 2015 Noble Corporation
Hoff, Tim 2015 Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.*
Masse, Mike 2015 Noble Corporation
Novakowski, Carl 2015 Andrew Sheret Limited
Quicquaro, Pat 2015 Materiaux de Plomberie PMF Inc.
Richard, Eric 2015 Wolseley Canada
Ruthven, Carol 2015 Emco Corporation
Stonely, Martin 2015 Ventes Techniques Nimatec Inc.
Sutherland, Bruce 2015 Andrew Sheret Limited
Teskey, Jim 2015 Canplas Industries Ltd.
Wintonyk, Robert 2015 Emco Corporation
Armstrong, Don 2014 Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc.*
Baranyay, Joe 2014 Emco Corporation
Bilous, Dan 2014 Emco Corporation
Bradley, Harold 2014 Crane Supply
Cassia, Clint 2014 Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.
De jong, Case 2014 Franke Kindred Canada Ltd.
Eaglesham, David 2014 Emco Corporation
Elliott, Rick 2014 Wolseley Canada
Ellis, Ron 2014 Anvil International Canada
Jagelewski, Dan 2014 Emco Corporation
Kirton, Glenn 2014 Emco Corporation
MacDonald, Doug 2014 Emco Corporation
McDonald, Paul 2014 Bradford White Canada Inc.
McVittie, Drew 2014 Emco Corporation
Rogers, Mike 2014 Emco Corporation
Simanzik, Alex 2014 Wolseley Canada
Stacey, Duncan 2014 Howell Pipe & Supply
Vervaet, Rudy 2014 CCTF Corporation

 Webster, Kenneth

2014 Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc.
Willard, Joe 2014 Wolseley Canada
Barnes, Pierre 2013 Moen Inc.
Bouthillette, Marc 2013 BMI
Bradshaw, Art 2013 Emco Corporation
Circelli, Irene 2013 Emco Corporation
Des Rosiers, Claude 2013 Boone Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc.*
Gaiser, Denton 2013 Novo Water (A Division of Canature North America)
 Projean, Jacques 2013 Emco Corporation
Gravel, Robert 2013 Réal Hout
Koebel, Brian 2013 Emco Corporation
Lynch, Bob 2013 CCTF Corporation
Mcgleish, Kevin 2013 Emco Corporation
Patterson, Michael 2013 Emco Corporation
Read, Calvin 2013 Emco Corporation
Reddy, Bernard 2013 Emco Corporation
Samson, Ken 2013 Emco Corporation
Singer, Wayne 2013 Howell Pipe & Supply
Smith, David 2013 Emco Corporation
Smith, Don 2013 Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.
Smolders, Rick 2013 Mckeough Supply*
Williams, Robert 2013 Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.
Bannerman, Lew 2012 Waterline Products Co. Ltd.
Bingle, Wayne 2012 The Morgan Group
Boshart, Gary 2012 Boshart Industries Inc.
Desrosiers, Mario 2012 Deschênes & Fils
Dussault, Jacques 2012 Deschênes & Fils
Milot, Pierre 2012 Deschênes & Fils Ltée - Montréal
Parmenter, Wayne 2012 Parmenter & Associates
Pétrin, Gilles 2012 Wolseley Canada
Ratelle, Gilles 2012 Deschênes & Fils Ltée - Montréal
Simpson, Sandra 2012 Wolseley Canada
Smith, Randy 2012 Ipex Inc.
Stempski, Frank 2012 Aqua Tech Sales & Marketing Inc.
Beauchemin, Raymond 2011 Groupe Maburco Plomberie Chauffage Inc.
Cushing, J. Pat 2011 A.O. Smith WPC Canada
Hill, George 2011 Andrew Sheret Limited
Howitt, Al 2011 Asta Sales & Marketing
Pichette, Claude 2011 Wolseley Canada
Villeneuve, Gaston 2011 Emco Corporation
Woodland, Tom 2011 Canplas Industries Ltd.
Andrew, Rod 2010 M.P.H. Supply Limited
Bernier, Michel 2010 J.U. Houle Ltée
Carson, Don 2010 Emco Corporation
Fairbairn, Wayne 2010 Wolseley Canada
Gilbart, Bryan 2010 Envirogard Products Limited
Kendall, John 2010 Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.
Langill, John 2010 Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.
Pettipas, Don 2010 Barrett Sales (1998) Ltd.
Shelley, William 2010 Emco Corporation
Soloman, Gerald 2010 Emco Corporation
Vincent, André 2010 Wolseley Canada
Wellington, Don 2010 Wolverine Tube (Canada) Inc.
Winser, Joseph 2010 Wolverine Tube (Canada) Inc.
Woytowich, Mary Lee 2010 Emco Corporation
Anderson, Dave 2009 Bardon Supplies Ltd.
Audet, Constant 2009 Groupe Maburco Plomberie Chauffage Inc.
Beaulieu, Pierre 2009 Deschênes & Fils Ltée (Québec)
Bégin, Richard 2009 Deschênes & Fils Ltée (Québec)
Bloye, Jim 2009 Honeywell Ltd.
Bourke, Dave 2009 Marks Supply Inc.
Ceretti, Doug 2009 Emco Corporation
Diomin, Alek 2009 Niagara Plumbing
Edison, Dave 2009 Dave Edison Agency Ltd.
Garneau, Michel 2009 Groupe Maburco Plomberie Chauffage Inc.
Hutcheon, Terry 2009 Wolseley Canada
Nybom, Charles 2009 Wolseley Canada
Palk, Ken 2009 M.P.H. Supply Limited
Pereira, Louis 2009 Mueller Streamline Co.
Steer, Ken 2009 Wolseley Canada
Todd, Eric 2009 Bardon Supplies Ltd.
Volkmar, Marty 2009 Mueller Flow Control
Wilband, Don 2009 Thornes (Division of Source Atlantic)
Chernis, Edward 2008 Emco Corporation
Dorion, Marcel 2008 Deschênes & Fils
Hubert, Raymond 2008 Emco Corporation
Mitchell, Peter 2008 Bardon Supplies Ltd.
Munroe, Jerry 2008 Yorkwest Plumbing Supply
Ruetz, Don 2008 Desco Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc.*
Seifried, Doug 2008 Desco Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc.*
Wilcox, Brian 2008 Wolseley Canada
Ballard, Gaetan 2007 Crane Supply
Chartier, Pierrette 2007 J.U. Houle Ltée
Johnston, Daryl 2007 B.C. Plumbing Supplies (BCP)
Picard, Raymond 2007 Deschênes & Fils
Pirie, Dan 2007 Marks Supply Inc.
Porter, Bob 2007 Globe Union Canada Inc.
Porter, John 2007 Emco Corporation
Reid, Alain 2007 Deschênes & Fils
Brose, Garry 2006 Wolseley Mechanical Group
Darke, Frank 2006 Darke Marketing Inc.
Keicher, Barry 2006 Armco Agencies Inc.
Niven, Gary 2006 Gary Niven Sales Inc.
Sylvain, J. Pierre 2006 Les agences J. Pierre Sylvain Inc.
Ball, Jack 2005 Desco Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc.*
Boutilier, Don 2005 Emco Corporation
Hildreth, Brian 2005 American-Standard
Côté, Rhéal 2004 Canvil
Archibald, Ed L. 2003 E.D. Brown & Associates Ltd.
Prest, Ken 2003 Wolseley Mechanical Group
Wynn, Kevin 2003 Rafales Agencies Inc.
Kelly, Ivan 2001 Thorndale International
Morin, Raymond 2001 Groupe Deschênes
Côté, Robert 1998 Ben Huot Inc.
Fortin, Jean-Claude Deschênes & Fils


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