Industrial Pipe, Valves & Fittings Council



The IPVF Council works diligently on behalf of CIPH members by addressing a wide variety of issues as they relate to the PVF sector: promoting youth awareness of our industry, supporting the Canadian hydraulic fracturing industry, supporting the Canadian pipeline construction industry, delivering industry-specific education and training, acting as an advocate on behalf of the industry with respect to provincial regulatory agencies, and addressing the issue of counterfeit products.


The Council also serves CIPH members by acting as a liaison on PVF issues with numerous organizations and associations, including TSSA, CASA, MCA, as well as numerous Regional Industrial Education Councils.


The IPVF Council is truly a valuable and worthwhile resource that members can to draw upon though CIPH.



The Industrial Pipe Valves & Fittings Council (IPVF) of CIPH was established in 2001 to address issues specifically related to IPVF through networking, promoting awareness, and advocating on behalf of CIPH members within the PVF industry sector.  The Council’s mission is to promote the responsible growth and prosperity of the Manufacturers, their Sales Agents, the Wholesaler Distributors and their customers in the IPVF industry.


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