Resources for COVID-19


Enhanced COVID-19 Resources




September 16: CIPH Maritime Region Town Hall Webinar and COVID-19 Autumn Update


July 15: Ontario Announces Regions to Enter Stage 3 this Week and CIPH and MCAC Request Amendments to CEWS


July 9: Federal Economic Snapshot


July 8: Ontario Introduces Legislation to Address the Ongoing Threat of COVID-19 with Flexibility Over the Next Year


June 4: Ontario Extends Declaration of Emergency until June 30


May 15: Federal and Ontario Government Announces New Initiatives in Relation to COVID -19 Response


May 11: Toronto Development Review, Permitting and Inspection Services Resume



May 7: Restarting the Economy- a Provincial Rolling Outlook



May 1: Ontario Providing Employers with Workplace Safety Guidelines



April 29: Restoring Safe Services Together: Manitoba's Phased Approach



Le 28 avril : Pandémie de COVID-19 - Le ministre Jean Boulet confirme la réouverture de l'ensemble des secteurs de la construction à compter du 11 mai



April 28: Québec: COVID-19 Pandemic - Minister Jean Boulet Confirms the Reopening of All Construction Industry Sectors as of May 11



April 28: Ontario Government Releases Framework for Re-Opening the Economy



April 24: Ontario Extends Emergency Orders to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19



April 20: New guidelines in place as residential construction set to resume in Quebec



April 16: Ontario Accelerates Essential Construction Projects During COVID-19



April 3: List of Essential Services Update (Ontario)



April 1: New CPO jobsite standards redefine legal obligations (Ontario)



March 31: Essential Businesses in Alberta



March 31: List of Essential services in Manitoba during COVID-19 Pandemic



Le 31 mars : La Province de Québec clarifie les services essentiels



March 31: Province of Quebec Clarifies Essential Services



March 30: List of Essential Services in Alberta During COVID-19 Pandemic



March 29: CIPH Calgary Region President's Message



March 29: Plumbing Industry: A Critical Supply Chain for COVID-19 Response



March 29: Ontario Stepping Up Measures to Limit the Spread of COVID-19 on Construction Sites



March 27: Official Response from the Province of Saskatchewan



March 26: List of Essential Services in B.C. During COVID-19 Pandemic



March 26: Province of Saskatchewan - Construction Allowed



March 25: Alberta Critical Infrastructure Strategic Impact Survey

The following Critical Infrastructure Impact Survey questions are intended to assist provincial planners and decision makers in identifying strategic issues to be considered during the COVID-19 pandemic response. Responses are anonymous and consolidated results will be kept confidential.



March 25: Update: City of Toronto

We reached out to the City of Toronto and have been advised of the following important message.



March 25: COVID- 19 Industry Notices - Office of the Fire Commissioner & City of Winnipeg 



Le 25 mars : COVID-19 - Renseignements utiles à l’intention des employeurs

Cliquez ici pour vous inscrire comme entreprise essentielle dans notre industrie.



Le 24 mars : COVID-19 ICPC-CIPH Québec

Nous avons contacté ce matin M. Yves Duchesne de la RBQ afin d’obtenir des informations sur les services essentiels dans notre industrie, il nous mentionné que le site du gouvernement stipule : Électriciens et plombiers et autres corps de métiers pour des services d’urgence.



March 24: Ontario Providing Electricity Relief During COVID-19

Today the Government of Ontario, under powers provided by the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, announced that effective immediately the province is suspending time-of-use (TOU) electricity pricing for Regulated Price Plan (RPP) customers. This change captures the majority of residential, small business and farm customers and will be in place for at least 45 days to provide relief to Ontarians working from home, in self-isolation and those who have lost jobs.



March 24: Ontario and Québec Differ on Construction as Essential Service

Yesterday, both Ontario and Quebec identified a list of essential services to remain open in their respective provinces, and for those businesses to put into place any and all measures to safeguard the well-being of their employees.



March 24: Sussex COVID-19 Provincial Update - Ontario: Regarding Essential Services

The list of essential workplaces has been released by the Ontario Government. These industries are allowed to remain open after March 24 at 11:59 pm.



March 24: Government Regulations by Province

Information regarding Employment Standards by province.



March 23: COVID-19 Ontario Provincial Update

CIPH is working to determine if our industry is classified as an essential service.



Resources for the COVID-19 Pandemic

July 16: [Webinar] The new NAFTA: How to leverage CUSMA to enter new markets


June 16: Government Announces Extension to Canada Emergency Response Benefit and an Extension to US/Canada Border Closure


May 26: Wholesale Change Show: Will B2B Marketplaces Kill Company Specific Websites? (May 20, 2020)


May 26: A Global Pandemic is Great for Amazon’s Sales, No Matter How You Spin It


May 19: Government Announces Expansion of the Canada Emergency Business Account


Le 12 mai : Renseignements importants concernant l'aspect sécuritaire de certains masques filtrants



May 12: Recall of KN95 Respirators



May 8: Government to Extend Emergency Wage Subsidy and Create Industry Strategy Council



May 8: “Why You Never Want To Go Back To Normal “ by Randy MacLean (Waypoint Analytics) 



May 6: Canada and the Coronavirus



May 1: COVID-19 - Standardized Protocols for All Canadian Construction Sites



April 30: Psychological Reactions to COVID-19



April 30: Psychological Coping During a Pandemic



April 24: Government Provides Commercial Rent Relief Program Details



April 21: COVID-19 on-demand webinar, resources and more from EDC




April 20: CIPH Partners with the Federal Government to Address the Canada Wage Subsidy Webinar Recording



April 13: The Call for Leadership E-book by Dirk Beveridge



April 10: Special Edition to Pulse Poll: COVID-19 CIPH Impact & Implementation Survey Results



April 8: Prime Minister Announces Adjustments to the Emergency Wage Subsidy



April 7: Inflection Point + Shift = Desired Outcome: Victory!



April 7: If You Wish To Donate Product to Assist in the Coronavirus Pandemic, Click Here



April 7: Dirk Beveridge Webinars: Latest Leading During The Coronavirus Pandemic Videos



April 6: 7 Tools to Increase Productivity and Efficiency



April 6: From WeirFoulds LLP: Construction Site and COVID-19: Health and Safety Resources



April 6: Jim Pancero: Special Videos to Help You and Your Team Through the Current Health Crisis



April 3: Guidance on Essential Services and Functions in Canada During the COVID-19 Pandemic



April 2: Free Webinar: Dr. Al Bates’ Financial Planning for Distributors



April 1: Federal and Provincial Assistance for COVID-19



March 31: COVID-19 CIPH Impact & Implementation Survey



March 30: Federal Wage Subsidy Details Released



March 30: New Live Conversations on Sunday from Dirk Beveridge



March 30: Canada - Delayed Project Report (updated daily)



March 27: Trudeau Government Announces New Measures to Help Small Businesses



March 27: COVID-19 - Standardized Protocols for All Canadian Construction Sites



March 27: AIM/R - Free Webinars - April 2nd, 6th, and 7th



March 26: Risk Prediction and Mitigation Are the New Normal – Distributors in the Digital Era #78 by Mark Dancer

The hard truth about the Coronavirus is that extreme, unexpected events are becoming an essential new requirement of effective supply chain planning. In the current crisis, distributors are doing the crucial work of delivering critical products to essential businesses. As the virus peaks, distributors will play a leading role in rebooting our economy. As industries recover, a new normal will set it. It will be one where customers judge supply chain performance not only on efficiency, but on the ability to predict and mitigate risk.



March 25: Plumbing and Heating Industry: A Critical Supply Chain for COVID-19 Preparedness

The Plumbing, Industrial Pipe, Fittings & Heating industry plays an essential role in maintaining the health and safety of Canadians and ensuring the uninterrupted service of our nation’s water, waste water systems, manufacturing and business operations. We urge all levels of government to ensure that the Canadian plumbing and heating supply chain, including manufacturers, distributors and contractors, is deemed an essential service.



March 25: From HAVAN: Construction Site Best Practices are the Only Practices



March 25: Leading During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Week 2

The 2nd week of videos brought to you by Dirk Beveridge







March 24: How to find out if your business qualifies for the COVID-19 wage subsidy





March 24: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Benefits and service




March 24: Webinar: How to cope with the impacts of COVID-19 on your business

A webinar presented by BDC.



Le 23 mars : Bulletin Spécial



March 23: Strength in Leadership and the Courage to do the Right Thing in This Exceptional Time of Crisis

A message from CIPH President & General Manager Ralph Suppa.



March 23: Essential Services During COVID-19

Many members have inquired about essential services as they relate to our industry. This is what we understand.



March 23: Complimentary Webinar: The Calling Of Leadership During the Coronavirus Crisis

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented leadership.  On this exclusive, complimentary webinar for CIPH members industry consultant Dirk Beveridge will provide his unique blend of inspiration and workable ideas that are specifically relevant to leading during the coronavirus pandemic.  He will provide a series of tools and frameworks that you can immediately use individually or around the (virtual) boardroom to center yourself and your organization upon that which you have been called … to lead. Register Now.



March 20: Resources for Canadian businesses: COVID‑19

In today's interconnected global business climate, the new Coronavirus or COVID‑19 is affecting the way Canadian companies operate. Efforts to control and mitigate the spread of the virus have resulted in travel restrictions, temporary border restrictions and could have further implications on international business development activities.

March 19: COVID-19 Update

Click to view information on the Municipal, Provincial and Federal updates released on March 19, 2020.



Le 19 mars : COVID-19 : Mise à jour fédérale,  provinciale et municipale

Mise à jour fédérale : Le gouvernement Trudeau annonce le lancement d’un programme de soutien massif de 82 milliards de dollars.



March 19: 8 Coronavirus Focused Conversations For Business Leaders

With the rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak, business leaders are tasked with providing confident, informed, and strategic direction.  Employees, customers, suppliers, and others are looking to you for leadership in these trying times.

Dirk Beveridge hosted a series of 20 minute video conversations with leaders and subject matter experts to give you the insight you need to proceed forward with confidence as the days to come are unknown.



March 13: These are Challenging Times and This Too Shall Pass

Message from CIPH President & GM as posted on LinkedIn on March 13, 2020



March 2: Preparedness Resources Regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 is posing yet another uncertainty for business in an already very uncertain economic climate.  Should COVID-19 continue to spread throughout Canada the damage to our economy will be considerable. In particular, our members' companies could be hit the hardest if they are not prepared.



Le 2 mars : Ressources documentaires au sujet du COVID-19

Le COVID-19 aggrave l’incertitude qui plane sur les entreprises, dans le climat économique instable que nous connaissons. Si le COVID-19 continue de se propager au Canada, il risque de nuire considérablement à notre économie et notamment à nos entreprises membres, si elles ne sont pas bien préparées.